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What is the Special Rates Charge?

The special rates charge is a voluntary, extra rates charge added to your quarterly rates payments. Councils use this to charge specific groups or people for special services that will specifically benefit them. In this case, the service is the installation of a solar system.

By adding an extra charge to you quarterly rates payments, you can gradually pay for the cost of your solar system over 8 years (interest-free). The special rates charge is attached to your home, not you, so if you sell your home, any remaining payments will be passed on to the new owners.

Who is eligible?

Residents from Hepburn Shire Council and Maroondah City Council, who have a Pension or Health Care Card should contact Solar Savers to have their full eligibility assessed. 

When will my system be installed?

Registrations will close in January 2021, and installations are set to be completed by June 2021. Places are limited so please register now have you eligibility assessed and secure your place.

How much will my system cost?

By utilising the Special Rates Charge, you will not pay any upfront costs for your system. Once the system has been installed and you have received a Certificate of Electrical Safety, you will then begin to pay off your system through your quarterly rates payments.

Below is an indication of the quarterly repayments based on system size.

System Size (kW)Total System Cost (including Victorian Government Rebate) Jinko/ Q Cells / Trina + SOLIS inverterQuarterly RepaymentsTotal System Cost (including Victorian Government Rebate) Risen Solar Panels + Huawei OR ABB inverterQuarterly Repayments

Are there any other costs?

Your electricity company will charge you a one-off fee to connect your solar system.

The amount depends on your electricity company and where you live, but it is usually between $50 and $150.

For most households, this is the only extra cost. However, in some cases, costs are higher:

  • If your household has two meters, the connection fee can be much higher – from $350 to $700. If your home has two meters, ask your electricity company how much the fee is before you proceed.
  • If your switchboard isn’t suitable for solar and needs to be upgraded, this can cost approximately $1,000. That’s why we’ve asked you to tell us now what kind of switchboard you have. If you need an upgrade, this cost can be added to your loan with council.
  • If there is asbestos around your switchboard that needs to be removed, this also adds to the installation cost and can be applied to your loan with council. 

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